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Strawberry Shortcake and Her Berry Best Friends

Strawberry Shortcake and Her Berry Best Friends



The Bottom Line
A wholesome, violence-free computer game full of puzzles and Strawberry Shortcake sweetness.
The map of Strawberryland serves as the main menu for this game and provides 10 interactive locations to launch puzzles. Each puzzle is tied to "helping" one of Strawberry Shortcake's friends and is available on three levels of difficulty. By visiting the locations and solving the puzzles, you earn things for Strawberry Shortcake to put into her scrapbook.
With Orange Blossom, you help her make juice by rearranging fruits on a grid. When you switch neighboring fruits to create three identical fruits in a row or column, they disappear off the grid and become juice. With Angel Cake, you play a memory game. For a short period of time, she shows you a decorated cake and then challenges you to recreate it using 33 different decorating items. If you forget what the desired cake looks like, she lets you peek at it again.

Some of the other puzzles involve hunting for items in a crowded room, filling in musical notes to complete a song, working backwards to figure out how to recreate a decorated cookie, and hunting for Apple Dumplin' who is hiding in a grove of trees. In the latter puzzle, you are provided four clues about the desired tree's shape, color, pattern, and decoration.
While most of the puzzles are fun to solve, one seems educationally inappropriate for the targeted audience. Most of the games can be played by kids as young as 4, but the one played with Honey Pie requires you to know how to add and subtract. Parents of preschoolers may need to help with that one. Also, the puzzle about inserting musical notes into a song was challenging.
In addition to earning items that appear in Strawberry Shortcake's scrapbook, kids can also get printable black and white pictures to color. There is one freestyle mini-game where kids can design there own cake, and two of the best puzzles are playable outside of the story-driven game for high score bragging rights.
Parents worried about how much time their children spend on the computer will appreciate this game's parental controls, which allow you to set how long your child can play this game.

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Strawberry Shortcake and Her Berry Best Friends
Company: The Game Factory
Price: 20.00
Platforms: Mac