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Puzzle Play Software Hidden Pictures

Puzzle Play Software Hidden Pictures



The Bottom Line
An interesting variation on hidden pictures puzzles, this game is more like playing "Battleship."
The software component of Puzzle Play Software Hidden Pictures is not what you would expect. Instead of allowing you to add objects onto a picture and sneakily hide them by matching colors and shapes, the program has you add the objects on top of a picture and then they magically sink underneath the picture.
To solve the puzzle, the person playing it is shown the picture with a grid superimposed on it. By selecting coordinate points, the player can direct a funny character to dig at the point he or she selected. The puzzle offers a limited number of digs to uncover the eight hidden objects, but every time the player finds one, that dig isn't counted. The puzzle also provides hints to direct the player to the rows and columns where objects are hiding.
For fun and variety, you can also imbed goodies and gags, including a sneak peek token which allows a buried object to flash its location for a second or two. For those familiar with the classic game "Battleship," the game play is similar. The accompanying workbook comes with 57 traditional hidden picture puzzles.

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Puzzle Play Software Hidden Pictures
Company: School Zone
Price: 7.99
Platforms: Mac