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Fritz & Chesster's Chess for Winners

Fritz & Chesster's Chess for Winners



The Bottom Line
For kids who already know how to play chess, this software introduces tactics and strategies.
Chess for Winners is the third title in the award-winning Learn to Play Chess with Fritz & Chesster series, and continues the series' tradition of teaching chess strategy within the framework of an interactive computer adventure.

The stars of the first two games, Fritz and Bianca, two royal children related to the chessboard's White King, are back. Kids join them at the Pleasantville Village Fair, a carnival full of booths and games that teach chess knowledge, including specific opening, middle game, and endgame tactics.
When Fritz and Bianca arrive at the fair, they discover that the evil King Black has cheated 16 other kings out of their carnival winnings, special prizes called Chesschubbies. Kids help Fritz and Bianca visit 16 different booths and rides to win new chubbies for the disheartened kings. At each location, the chess activity has a carnival theme. Thus while taking a ride on the Ghost Train, a skeleton will give you scenarios in which you need to deliver checkmate on the next move.

The teaching of chess strategy is done in such a way that kids won't be overwhelmed and will find it fun. For example, to practice the Spanish Opening (also known as the Ruy Lopez), kids memorize the sequence of moves by placing a gem on the board during a practice session and then recreating the moves so that they can collect the gem and earn points.
In addition to learning and practicing specific tactics, the game gives children many opportunities to play chess against the computer, which is using the world famous Fritz chess software. You can also play against a friend. A nice feature is that kids can ask for suggested moves, and the computer will help them. You can also undo your previous move so that you can experiment.
Chess for Winners contains an excellent series of minigames that explore advanced chess theory. By presenting meaty concepts within a whimsical game format, kids can learn complicated tactics in a non-threatening way. Cleverly, the minigames break down the components of strategy into different levels within the game, and make good use of animations to help kids visualize what is happening. For example, when the program is trying to teach key squares, those squares will appear in a different color.
As compared Learn to Play Chess with Fritz & Chesster 1, this software has less of a storyline. Even so, it is well worth exploring if you have a child who is interested in chess. It is a "must-buy" for those children who have enjoyed the first two titles in the series.

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Fritz & Chesster's Chess for Winners
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