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The Bottom Line
A great way for families to explore logic puzzles together!
Created as a family game, Rainbow Web is a series of 60 progressively more difficult puzzles accompanied by a simple story. The game is set within the Rainbow Kingdom, a place that has been bewitched by an evil wizard named Spider. Once sparkling and vibrant, the Rainbow Kingdom is now dark and grey, hidden behind a series of giant spider webs. Players rescue the kingdom and restore its brilliance by freeing letters trapped in the webs that spell the names of 60 magic places.
Players solve the puzzles on a round playfield that looks like a spider web. Embedded in the web are colored gems, some of which have letters. To release the letters to spell words, players swap neighboring gems by sliding them along the silvery threads of the spider web. You can only swap gems if, in the process of the exchange, you align three or more gems of the same color in a row either vertically or horizontally. The puzzle is solved when all the letters have been released. By spelling words, the player breaks the "spell" of the bewitched location in the Rainbow Kingdom. Players can track their progress through the 60 puzzles on a map of the kingdom.
Players have options of playing with or without a time restraint, and with or without hints. Families playing "Rainbow Web" together should initially turn off the timer so that parents can have time to talk through strategies with their kids as they figure out how to release all the lettered gems. There are obvious exchanges that kids as young as 6 will see, but some of the more complicated ones might require some hints from Mom or Dad. As the puzzles get harder, more colored gems appear, and some of the strands of the web disappear, making some of the gems harder to reach.

When families gain experience with the puzzles, they may want to play under the pressure of a time restraint. This option also lets family members compete for the highest score. Players earn points by making the most three-in-a-row combinations in the shortest possible time. If they fail to complete the puzzle in the time allotted, there is a penalty, you lose a "life." The puzzles are sorted into 12 levels containing five puzzles each. If you lose too many lives in one level, you must restart that level.
Rainbow Web is accompanied by gentle, flowing music. As players win each level, sparkling images of rainbows and beautiful landscapes appear. This serene world provides a great backdrop for teaching kids about logical reasoning. And parents, you might find yourself playing long after your kids have gone to bed.

Another plus for this game is that it is downloadable. Many of the casual game portals feature it, or you can download it directly from www.sugargames.com. Try one of the free evaluation versions (download or play online) first.

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Rainbow Web
Company: Sugar Games
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