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Leapster Math Missions

Leapster Math Missions



The Bottom Line
A terrific hand-held math game that plays on the Leapster or the Leapster L-Max!


Leapster Math Missions transports kids to Spectacle City, a metropolis notorious for its poor math skills.

How to Play

Kids are employed by four businesses, and at each they use their math skills to solve everyday problems. For example, at the seafood market, kids help the clerk weigh fish by dragging the seafood onto a scale until it is balanced. At another store, kids help tag merchandise for sale by matching the target sale number. Kids will see the target number represented in multiple ways. For instance, if the target sale number is 35, kids must find objects that show "thirty-five", "less than 37", or 42-7. The other two businesses need help matching geometric shapes in a Tangram puzzle and using logic to fill candy orders to match customers' feedback.

Earn In-Game Money

When kids have earned enough money, they can spend it at the city's gaming arcade. The three fun arcade machines provide great motivation to earn money, and the arcade games all require thinking to win.

Game Analysis

Leapster Math Missions is an excellent choice for families who own a Leapster or the Leapster L-Max. These on-the-go math games can be played on three levels of difficulty, and they have built-in tutorial help. This is an outstanding way to provide kids with a hand-held educational math experience.
However, if you own a computer, you might want to purchase the less expensive Math Missions: The Race to Spectacle City Arcade for grades 1 and 2 or the Math Missions: The Amazing Arcade Adventure for grades 3 and 5. These older PC/Mac titles will provide a richer math experience for your children because the computer software versions offer much more content than is available on the Leapster hand-held format. Look online at the Scholastic Store at http://shop.scholastic.com where they are available for $13.95/each.

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Leapster Math Missions
Company: Leapfrog/Scholastice
Price: 24.99