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Batman Begins-The Battle for Gotham City

Batman Begins-The Battle for Gotham City



The Bottom Line
A fun way to play a two-person game about Batman using the Fly Pentop Computer. It adds a nifty technological twist to a combination board game/customizable card game.
Batman Begins is an interactive strategy game that uses the FLY to pull together the various aspects of its game play. The game uses a map of Gotham City, special Fight cards, and control panel cards, all of which are printed on special FLY paper so that the FLY can interact with them.
In this two-person game, one child plays as Batman and the other as Batman's archenemy, Ra's al Ghul. The object of the game is to find the three device parts of a Microwave Emitter, which are hidden at different locations in Gotham City.
To find the device parts, players take turns moving around Gotham City by using the FLY to touch the over 150 street and monorails locations. At special sites, players may hear a clue or the FLY may announce their location.

Players pass the FLY back and forth as they execute various actions that constitute a turn. By touching a control panel card and then the map, each player can secretly place traps, ambushes, and other sneaky tools on specific map locations.
If players find each other, they can fight using special Fight Cards. The FLY "reads" the card to determine the victor, and the winner can take a device part from the opponent.

A full game can take over an hour to play, so it's helpful that the software provides a save option. There are also two shorter game options.
Batman Begins blends traditional board game and customizable card game playing together with a unique technological twist. Because the game play is kept within the FLY's memory, there are no game pieces to move, and players can be secretive about their actions. The FLY adds interesting sound affects throughout.

Batman Begins requires some patience to learn. It is a good fit for kids who love strategy games and customizable card games such as Yu-Gi-Oh or Magic, The Gathering.

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Batman Begins-The Battle for Gotham City
Company: Leapfrog
Price: 29.99