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Super Mario Strikers

Super Mario Strikers



The Bottom Line
A very fun 4-person soccer game set in the Mario world, but one that may be inappropriate for kids younger than 11.
This extreme soccer game is so much fun because the players are Nintendo fans' favorites including Mario, Donkey Konga, Yoshi, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Wario, and Waluigi. Watching a gorilla play soccer is hilarious. Another great attribute of this game is that four friends can play it together, with two players cooperating as a team.
Super Mario Strikers is a game of five-on-five soccer. Unlike traditional Mario titles, there is no story line here, just different soccer game options. Because its controls are easy to learn, kids can jump right into a trash-talking single “Grudge’ match or battle each other over time in league play. There are four levels of difficulty, and gaming newbies can ease into the frenetic play by exploring the controls in the practice area called “Strikers 101.”
In this soccer world, typical “red-card” behavior isn’t punished, rather it is rewarded. Knock a player down, and you will get the ball. If you slam your opponents into the boards, they'll experience an electrical shock that causes them to drop the ball. Players can even use “power-up” items, including spiny turtle shells that will bounce around the field knocking down everything and blue shells that freeze your opponents. And Bowser randomly lands on the field to breathe fire and generally raise havoc.
Kids switch between their players with the push of a button. Other controls let characters turbo-run, slide tackle, lob, and even launch Super Strikes, a move where the captain of the team can kick a very powerful 2-point shot which, if timed correctly, results in a Matrix-style slow-motion flashy goal.
Kid-testers, both girls and boys, loved this crazy, unpredictable soccer world. It's perfect for kids who have graduated from playing the gentler, but excellent Backyard Soccer. And teens who grew up playing in the Mushroom Kingdom loved this darker, edgier (Peaches and Daisy look somewhat risqué), and more violent Mario world. But Super Mario Strikers is not a good fit for younger kids (under about 11), because its brutal full contact, no rules method of play does not model good soccer sportsmanship.

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Super Mario Strikers
Company: Nintendo
Price: 49.99