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Didi & Ditto First Grade: The Wolf King

Didi & Ditto First Grade: The Wolf King



The Bottom Line
An excellent software title for first graders with 16 educational games woven into a fun adventure.
With Didi and Ditto by their side, kids go on an adventure and play 16 games to practice reading, math, science and creativity. Some are traditional games with an educational twist, such as dominoes adorned with scientific images instead of dots. Kids look for links between the images, like pairing animals and their habitats. Others use an arcade game format to teach. For example, kids sort living and inanimate objects by catching them as the fall over a waterfall. And some games are refreshingly new. For instance, kids practice reading by creating gaps in strings of alphabet beads so that they form words.
The plight of Didi and Ditto motivates kids to play the 16 games. The little beavers' world has been invaded by a pack of demanding, workaholic wolves. To oust the pack, Didi and Ditto bet the Wolf King that they are smarter than his wolf lieutenants. If Didi and Ditto can beat the wolves at educational games, the Wolf King and his pack agree to leave. Didi and Ditto need kid players' help to be smart.
Kutoka is a children's software company that consistently produces high quality software. Unlike Disney and Atari, which roll out short software programs for kids with only five or six activities, this software provides a robust playground of 16 games. While a few aren't intuitive, all of the games take full advantage of the computer's unique ability to create exciting interactive learning. And no company provides better graphics than Kutoka. It's like watching an animated movie.
In addition to the Adventure Mode, which can be played on three different levels of difficulty, the software also offers a Teachers Mode with direct access to the 16 learning games and the ability to track students' progress.

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Didi & Ditto First Grade: The Wolf King
Company: Kutoka
Price: 20.00
Platforms: Mac