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Math Blaster: Master the Basics

Math Blaster: Master the Basics



The Bottom Line
A fast-paced way for kids who love video games to drill math facts.
This new Math Blaster is set in the future, in a world where robots have taken over because humans have forgotten how to do math. Players join the Math Blaster Corps, and take on the persona of a hip-looking boy who is outfitted with anti-gravity boots and a special energy-blasting glove. Only by answering math questions on Earth, Saturn, and Pluto can the player save humanity.
While there are six different games tied together by this save-the-world storyline, the predominant formats are side-scrolling and platform. In both, players seek the numbers they need to answer math equations while avoiding bad robots, blasting apart obstacles, and jumping onto moving platforms.
Before starting their adventure, kids choose from eight levels of math content, with the easiest covering addition and subtraction up to eight and the hardest drilling quotients and products involving multiples of 10. The games test kids' speed and accuracy in answering math facts, their ability to complete math equations, and how well they can do mental math and problem solving.
Accompanied by pulsing music, kids race through these futuristic environments to collect numbers to complete equations. Platforms disappear, conveyor belts zoom players to unexpected places, and laser beams zap you if you aren't looking. While the pace is fast, if players are having trouble completing a round, the software slows down the robots' interference so that kids have more time to think.
Math Blaster: Master the Basics puts drilling math facts into a gaming format that will intrigue this generation of video game-playing kids. However, the software's frenetic pace may not be a good fit for children who need time to calculate math answers, particularly younger kids. Also, the game will have less appeal to girls since the main character and all the secondary characters are male.

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Math Blaster: Master the Basics
Company: Knowledge Adventure
Price: 30.00
Platforms: N/A