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The Bottom Line
A fun video game featuring the characters from the Madagascar movie.
The Madagascar video game (for Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, Sony PlayStation 2, and Windows computers) offers 11 chapters (levels) full of well defined goals and amusing game play. This console game stands out from others because it offers great diversity in those goals—kids have to jump through rings, lead bees to flowers, collect fruit, defeat the Foosa, and so much more.
In this action-adventure game, players get to control all four of the movie’s main characters as well as several of the lesser characters. In addition to accomplishing an exciting array of goals, kids also collect coins to use in the Zoovenir store, and unlock mini-games including mini-golf.
Kids will bounce on geysers and mushrooms, jump through hoops and over ravines, slide down water slides, play a version of whack-a-more, ride air currents, knock out sailors, and much more. There are even hidden arcade games to find.
The game does a nice job of weaving together cut scenes from the movie with the unique game play. The characters are true to their movie humor and while the voices aren’t the original actors, they are produced by excellent voice doubles.
Parents, please note that it is rated E10+ for cartoon violence and crude humor, and is best for kids aged 10-14.

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Company: Activision
Price: 40.00
Platforms: N/A