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Madagascar Island Mania

Madagascar Island Mania



The Bottom Line
A Madagascar-themed activity center with over 25 different games.
If your kids are between the ages of 3 and 8, Madagascar Island Mania is an excellent choice for fun game play based on the movie. These days, most computer “activity center” software for little kids is fun but short-lived. Not so with this activity center, which delivers 25 different mini-games featuring the characters from the movie. Youngsters can help Marty the Zebra perform somersaults and other aerial acrobatics as he gallops over the landscape of Madagascar. They can trigger the hilarious penguin foursome to look “cute and cuddly” so that they won’t be detected by security guards.
The collection of mini-games mainly focus on click-at-the-right-time skills, but they also challenge kids’ memory, visual discrimination, and matching skills. While the games don’t randomize, they still provide a lot of replayability because there are so many games to explore.

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Madagascar Island Mania
Company: Activision Value Publishing, Inc
Price: 20.00
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