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Madagascar Animal Trivia DVD Game

Madagascar Animal Trivia DVD Game



The Bottom Line
A fun animal trivia game for the whole family to play together.
Madagascar Animal Trivia DVD Game provides families a way to interact with the characters from the Madagascar movie while playing a game that is educational.
This animal trivia game is played on a television using a DVD player. It combines outstanding educational video content from National Geographic with the zaniness of the characters from the Madagascar movie.
The DVD creates a virtual gameboard and game pieces so there are no small parts or cards to keep track of. When it’s a player’s turn, he or she simply picks up the remote control of the DVD player to interact with the game. The television will prompt the player how to answer—but most questions use the “Enter” key on the DVD remote.
As with the two previous DVD games created by the b EQUAL company (History Channel Family DVD Game: Time Troopers Edition and National Geographic Family DVD Game: Show Me the Wild! Edition) this DVD game features “Dynamic Leveling” technology. With “Dynamic Leveling” parents and children of different ages play together on an even playing field. Players start by selecting a level of difficulty appropriate to their age or knowledge. As players take turns answering questions, the game continues to adjust that difficulty depending on how the player answers questions. If a player continuously answers questions correctly, the questions get harder. Miss a few, and the questions get easier.
Questions might include a video clip of a funny-looking horned beetle and then a query if the “Rhinoceros” beetle is for real or no? Or, after showing a video of a family of Wood Storks, players are asked whether these birds get too heavy to fly.

Since the Madagascar characters introduce most of the questions, and pop up to add humorous quips throughout the game, the game is not only educational, but funny as well. Because of the dynamic leveling, different aged children and adults can compete together. This is a great way to spend some quality time as a family together.

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Madagascar Animal Trivia DVD Game
Company: b Equal Company
Price: 29.99