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Blue’s Room: Blue Talks!

Blue’s Room: Blue Talks!



The Bottom Line
A fun preschool software title where Blue actually talks to preschoolers instead of communicating with her ususal yelps.
Unlike on the show, where an animated Blue communicates with yelps, on this CD, she’s a 3-D fuzzy puppet who can talk when she is in her special room. With Blue and her friends—Dictionary , Polka Dots, Dress-Up Chest, Frederica, Doodle Board, Roar E. Saurus, Silly Seat and others—preschoolers explore six activities that teach early literacy and problem-solving. They meet in Blue’s Room, a colorful playroom with special areas that animate when clicked.
With Dress-Up Chest and Blue, kids help shape three stories by selecting items to add into the stories. Kids can even make a cookie roar! In another activity, preschoolers learn new words with Frederica and Dictionary while holding a birthday party.

Doodle Board offers a delightful mystery game in which it gives players a clue as to what it is drawing and then draws only a part of the mystery object. Doodle Board then shows kids four finished objects and asks them to look at the part drawn and see if they can extrapolate to the object Doodle is drawing.
Kids also play a music-listening game with Roar E. Saurus, and choreograph a dance for him. And with Polka Dots, they play an "I Spy" game and a peek-a-boo game that earns puzzle pieces.
All six of these activities are fun to play and offer age-appropriate learning skills. They engage preschoolers in a manner that is refreshingly new. While the activities aren’t leveled, they randomize to keep the child’s interest. And the software provides a special area where kids can print activities to play away from the computer.

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Blue’s Room: Blue Talks!
Company: THQ/Valusoft
Price: 20.00
Platforms: N/A