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The Boohbah Zone

The Boohbah Zone



The Bottom Line
This software is very open-ended and may not appeal to some children. If your children like the PBS television show, they may be interested in this software. Parents may need to encourage their children to copy the movements of the Boohbahs.
The Boohbah Zone is software that extends the world of the television program to your computer. It offers nine activities in which children interact with the Boohbah characters to explore spatial relationships, matching, patterns, art, music, and exercise.
This is not your typical children’s software. Most children’s software is goal driven. Here, many of the activities are open-ended. Kids paint with the Boohball energy trails (rainbow-colored puffy lines), influence the way the Boohbahs exercise, or play with patterns to create wrapping paper. There is very little talking in this software—kids explore and experience instead of being directed how to play.
Kids can play The Boohbah Zone in English, Spanish, and French, and it comes with a 28-inch round play mat that mimics the one used on TV. The software also comes with two sets of cards that teach movement games away from the computer.
Some children respond well to this open-ended environment, while others find it boring. Parents may need to encourage children to get up and copy the movements of the Boohbahs, because otherwise some of the activities are passive watching. If your children like the Boohbah television show, then they will probably be interested in this software. Similar open-ended interactive activities can be found free on the Boohbah website at www.pbskids.org/boohbah.

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The Boohbah Zone
Company: Brighter Child Interactive
Price: 20.00
Platforms: Mac