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Disney Princess Enchanted Learning

Disney Princess Enchanted Learning



The Bottom Line
Girls ages 4 to 6 will get a kick out this new software for the Leapster.
Disney’s Cinderella and Little Mermaid Ariel star in the new Disney Princess Enchanted Learning software for the Leapster handheld gaming system.
By playing the games found in Disney Princess Enchanted Learning, girls practice reading and math skills with the characters from the movies. For example, to help create a ball gown for Cinderella, girls move Gus-Gus the mouse around the screen to accumulate numbers, shapes, or letters. By using the arrow keys, girls can make the mouse scurry across lines of thread and jump on magic thread spools and thimbles. The learning objective may be as simple as finding numbers (on level 1 of the game), or as difficult as skip-counting by 5’s (on level 3). After the game is finished, girls help decorate Cinderella’s ball gown.
There are four major learning games, plus two sing-along activities and two activities that let girls create fireworks. The learning games offer three levels of difficulty and are programmed to provide tutorials if the child is struggling with an educational concept.
This software does a nice job of blending traditional video gaming with educational activities that will appeal to girls. Girls play a side-scrolling game with Ariel; but instead of just avoiding obstacles as they swim through the ocean, they seek sets of objects to solve math equations. They also use quick hand-eye coordination to tap opening clam shells with a stylus; but the purpose isn’t just to catch the clams when they’re open, it’s to collect words that start with specific sounds.
By playing the activities in Disney Princess Enchanted Learning girls earn jewels; and when they have accumulated enough jewels, they receive princess tiaras and princess titles. This reward system will appeal to little girls who want to be princesses.

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Disney Princess Enchanted Learning
Company: Leapfrog
Price: 25.00