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Leapster’s The Incredibles

Leapster’s The Incredibles



The Bottom Line
Playing Leapster’s The Incredibles is a great way to continue the entertainment of the movie while practicing academics as well.
In Leapster’s The Incredibles, kids play four educational games—one with each superhero of The Incredibles family. The games can be played on two levels of difficulty. When playing the four superhero games, players earn access cards and keys that are needed to play a fifth game called “The Incredibles Save the Day” involving all four members of The Incredibles family.
With Mr. Incredible, kids help direct him on how to use his super strength to move boulders so that he can complete math equations. There are two educational aspects to this game because not only do kids practice their math facts, but they must also use logic to figure out how to slide boulders into the correct positions to make a math equation.

Mrs. Incredible’s super-flexibility has enabled her to sneak into bad-guy Syndrome’s hideout to help rescue her husband. Unfortunately, she has now become trapped in a hallway of doors. She needs the player to spell words to open a series of doors so that she can extricate her body.
While hiding in the jungle outside of Syndrome’s hideout, superhero kids Violet and Dash have been discovered by some guards. Violet enters a jungle maze to ditch the guards, but she needs the player’s help identifying parts of speech. She must find words to complete sentences while traversing the maze.

Dash is avoiding the guards by hiding in a cave, but he needs help to seal the entrance. Using the Leapster stylus, the player directs Dash to rocks that have certain numbers on them. His task is to place the rocks in the correct order by place value. He may also be required to identify numbers based on the concepts of “greater than” or “less than.”
In “The Incredibles Save the Day” game, the player controls all four members of The Incredibles as they make their way through the jungle outside of Syndrome’s base, inside the base, and then back to the city to save it from harm. This game of logic involves figuring out when to switch to a specific member of the superhero family, because you need to use their unique superpower. For example, if faced with a river, players should switch to Dash, because he is so fast he can walk on water. To win this game, players will need to play the other four games enough times to have earned access cards and special keys to use in this game.
All five games are both fun to play and educationally sound. The different levels roughly correspond to the curricula found in 2nd and 3rd grades. If a player doesn’t understand a concept, a tutorial kicks in after the child incorrectly answers two questions in a row. The gaming controls will adjust to a player’s ability.

The only part of the game that was a little confusing was the interconnection between the four individual superhero games and the final “The Incredibles Save the Day” game. Testers had to listen carefully to hints in the “The Incredibles Save the Day” game to discover that they needed to return to the individual superhero games to earn access cards needed to proceed. Ultimately, this interconnection turned out to be great motivation to keep playing the four individual superhero games.

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Leapster’s The Incredibles
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