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The Princeton Review Prep for the SAT

The Princeton Review Prep for the SAT



The Bottom Line
A fun way to prepare for the SAT by using your cell phone!
Called The Princeton Review Prep for the SAT, this cell phone software plays on phones that support “BREW” technology. It is available to Verizon Wireless subscribers (and may be available on other carriers soon). You download it by accessing the “Get It Now” directory in your cell phone. It costs $5.75 per month, but is free to students enrolled in Princeton Review SAT courses. The application resides in the phone so you don’t need cell service to play it.
Starting in March 2005, the SAT will have a new format. Prep for the SAT has incorporated this new content into its review.
The application offers interactive practice of SAT content by providing 217 electronic flashcards which cover math, critical reading, vocabulary, sentence completion, and grammar. Timed quizzes are also available.
To help students stay on a regular schedule, the application can be programmed to call your teen at a specific time of the day with questions. And for parents wanting to track their child’s efforts, results of each session can be sent to an email address or phone number.
While cell phone SAT review is not nearly as comprehensive as computer software, classroom, or book review, it’s novel and convenient. Because teens are rarely without their cell phones, they can review anytime/anywhere. Teen-testers liked being able to flip open their phone and do a set of 6 vocabulary cards in about two minutes. They appreciated having missed content repeated and that all questions come with an explanation. Teens didn’t seem to mind that the small screen required a lot of scrolling.

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The Princeton Review Prep for the SAT
Company: The Princeton Review and VOCEL
Price: 5.75