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Shark Tale (PC Version)

Shark Tale (PC Version)



The Bottom Line
A great way to continue the frolicking fish fun of “Shark Tale,” the movie.
In the PC version of Shark Tale, kids explore Reef City, a bustling underwater milieu, looking for ways to gain fame. Fame points can be earned by winning dance contests (games that involve hitting a sequence of arrow keys in time to the music), out-swimming sharks, winning races against other fish, collecting missing items, sneaking into places guarded by sentry crabs using flashlights, and finding secret passages.
There are six locations to explore. Earn enough fame points in one location and a new location opens so the story can continue. This game expands the environs of the Reef City presented in the movie.

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Shark Tale (PC Version)
Company: Activision
Price: 29.99
Platforms: N/A