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The Number Devil

The Number Devil



The Bottom Line
A unique math title that covers challenging math concepts in fun and creative ways. However, the math content varies in difficulty, making it an uncomfortable fit for some children.
This software presents a mathematical adventure that explores sometimes-challenging concepts such as infinite numbers, prime numbers, fractions, decimals, powers and square roots. It introduces kids to mathematical oddities including triangular numbers, Fibonacci Numbers, Pascal’s Triangle, and Euler’s formula.
Robert, a boy who thinks “Mathematics is child abuse,” narrates the story. His opinion of math changes after he’s visited in his dreams for 10 nights by the Number Devil, a mouthy but charismatic character.
Each night, the Number Devil introduces math concepts in clever and unusual ways. For example, to explain permutations, the Number Devil shifts Robert’s whining classmates around to show the different possibilities.
Players end each night by exploring a related math game. Following the permutations lesson, the game is to construct a racetrack by using four color cubes placed in four possible positions and then racing a car. Some of these games are better than others, and a few have difficult controls. Overall, kid-testers found the games to be interesting and fun to play.
The combination of Robert’s pluck and the Number Devil’s edgy demeanor creates an engaging dynamic. However, the math content varies in difficulty, making it an uncomfortable fit for some children. It’s too difficult for kids struggling with math, even though the presentation is novel and jazzy. And for math whizzes, the content may seem like cotton candy—sweet at the beginning, but leaving you unfulfilled at the end. However, for kids who think math is boring, here’s a chance to put some fun and creativity back into a topic that is far from linear.

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The Number Devil
Company: Viva-Media
Price: 30.00
Platforms: Mac