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Dragon Tales: Learn & Fly with Dragons

Dragon Tales: Learn & Fly with Dragons



Kids play 11 different math and logic activities with Cassie, the pink dragon, and her siblings.
The Bottom Line
Well-done math activities for fans of the Dragon Tales TV show.

The Setup

Cassie, the pink dragon, needs help teaching her younger siblings how to fly. Players join Cassie in taking her siblings on adventures during which they earn their Dragon Badges, a prerequisite to learning to fly.

How To Play

To earn a Dragon Badge, each little dragon needs to help two inhabitants of Dragon Land. The help takes the form of cleverly disguised educational activities. Thus, when baby dragon Val stops to help Arlo put his prize-winning junk pile back in order, the player learns spatial relationships by deciding whether to dip a junk item into a shrink or an expand puddle to make it fit in the hole in the pile. Likewise, with baby dragon Zuzu, kids help a fairy round up missing horse flies and sort them into numerical groups. In doing so, they practice counting and addition. Other activities involve memory games, logic, creativity, shape recognition, patterns, and following directions.
After the three little dragons have earned their Dragon Badges, they head to the Training Course to learn flying moves. The flying exercises incorporate more preschool learning, such as "Fly to the object that is not a square."

11 Learning Activities

By the time the little dragons have learned to fly, kids will have played 11 different math and logic activities, which automatically adjust in difficulty depending on the child's response.

Comes with Free Book

This delightful software comes packaged with a free "Dragon Tales"? book.

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Dragon Tales: Learn & Fly with Dragons
Released: 7/4/0204
Company: Scholastic
Price: 4.99
Platforms: Mac
Available: Amazon

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