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Tonka Firefighter

Tonka Firefighter



Kids join Tonka Joe at the fire station where he offers them four different fire vehicles to drive on rescue missions. Kids can jump into a pumper truck, a ladder truck, a fire dozer, or a fire copter. When they do, they drive the vehicle, looking out over the dashboard. The driving takes a little practice, because youngsters have to steer with the computer’s mouse.
Each vehicle has two kinds of missions, and each mission is playable at three levels of difficulty. While driving the fire dozer, kids plow down dead trees to create a firebreak to keep the fire from spreading. With the ladder truck, kids practice rescuing volunteer firefighters from a multistory building.
In addition to the missions, youngsters can plan and execute a spectacular virtual fireworks show. The software also offers lots of printables. There are coloring pages and safety signs, including the famous "Stop, Drop, and Roll" reminder.
While this software is not highly educational, it’s great fun! It is perfect for kids who are mesmerized by fire trucks. What’s not to like about becoming a hero while driving four fire rescue vehicles and tooting their horns?

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Tonka Firefighter
Company: Atari
Price: 20.00
Platforms: N/A