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After School Clubhouse 3rd & 4th Grade

After School Clubhouse 3rd & 4th Grade



One such bundle now available is "After School Clubhouse 3rd & 4th Grade." At $20, this bundle is a steal because it contains four classic titles.
Leading the pack is the classic history simulation game, "The Oregon Trail 5th Edition." Originally released in 2001, the software has kids join a wagon train as it winds its way across the American west in the 1840’s. As pioneers, children make real life decisions and experience the consequences of those decisions as they learn history first hand.
With "Zoombinis Island Odyssey," kids team up with the attribute-laden blue creatures know as Zoombinis on a logic adventure that challenges kids with math and science puzzles. This is the third title in the esteemed Zoombinis series.
"Cluefinders Mystery of Monkey Kingdom" was originally part of the award-winning "Cluefinders 3rd Grade Adventures." In it, kids play eight math activities to solve the mystery of the missing scientist, Dr. Pythagoras.
The last title in the bundle, "Spy Fox 2: Some Assembly Required" is a cherished 1999 release. A spoof on the classic James Bond series, this hilarious software features a smooth-talking, nattily-dressed secret agent fox who needs logical thinking help to save the World’s Fair.

While old, all of these titles still score high ratings by today’s standards. Software doesn’t have to be new to be good.

All tech products are judged on a five star scale by looking at the following factors: fun, education, ease of use, value, and technical.

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After School Clubhouse 3rd & 4th Grade
Company: Encore
Price: 20.00
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