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Cyberchase Castleblanca Quest

Cyberchase Castleblanca Quest



The storyline in Cyberchase Castleblanca Quest is difficult to follow because it is presented in a very grainy video that is too brief. Players had to resort to reading the online manual to discover that the evil Hacker has stolen the “gloom chip” of Castleblanca, a website community of monsters. Since the inhabitants hate sunlight, they need help in dealing with the brightness and rescuing the “gloom chip.” Players provide that help by playing six math games and solving two logic puzzles.
The math games all suffer from poor verbal instructions. The screens are not intuitive, so players had to stop playing to access the online manual to figure out what they were supposed to do. These instructions should have been demonstrated in a video.
Most of the games require players to use trial and error—a characteristic of good math software games. However, in several of the games, just as the player is figuring out the answer, time runs out and the math puzzle resets to another configuration.
Here’s the bottom line: If you have Cyberchase fans, play Cyberchase Carnival Chaos and skip this one.

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Cyberchase Castleblanca Quest
Company: Brighter Child Interactive
Price: 21.00
Platforms: Mac