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Mission Possible World Geography

Mission Possible World Geography



For more in-depth geographical awareness (including capitals, cities, rivers, deserts, lakes, oceans, mountains, and famous sites), the Mission Possible World Geography software game can help. Using a spy mission theme to make the learning of geography facts more palatable, kids infiltrate a research facility to rescue important data about global warming. Their mission’s success is directly correlated to how well they can answer a series of geography questions. If they answer correctly, they watch a video of their spy character moving forward in the mission.
The questions take many formats, including simple multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, unscrambling words, and identifying places on a map. Kids can practice learning the facts in a tutorial mode before taking on the less-forgiving mission mode.
Mission Possible is not sophisticated software. Its graphics are somewhat crude by today’s standards, and it has slow transitions between scenes. It won’t keep track of what you don’t know, in order to quiz you later—its questions are simply random. It won’t even save your mission if you leave in the middle. But it will provide a more interactive way of drilling geography facts than simply studying maps or running through a series of flash cards.

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Mission Possible World Geography
Company: EdVenture Software
Price: 29.95
Platforms: Mac