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Dora the Explorer Wildlife Rescue

Dora the Explorer Wildlife Rescue



The Leapster version of Dora is jazzy because it talks and sings to the child. It’s fun, because it offers two modes of play. And it is better than the Game Boy edition software because it is educational.
Kids can play in the story or game modes. In the story mode, kids go on three different adventures to rescue missing animals. Mirroring the format of the popular “Dora the Explorer” television show on Nick Jr., players help Dora by using The Map, playing learning games, singing songs, and banishing Swiper the Fox.
Kids can hop directly to the five learning games by selecting game mode. They can play concentration by pairing up opposites, travel a maze to find specific ABCs, complete patterns to repair a bridge, match up baby animals with their parents, or find habitats for animals. The games can be played at three levels of difficulty.
The games are not only fun and educational, but they adjust to the child’s ability. If the academic questions are too difficult, the content gets easier. If the gaming aspect of the activity is too challenging, it gets simpler. Plus, built-in tutorials offer supportive hints and tips.
With Dora at the helm, Leapster delivers a top-notch video game and raises the bar of excellence in handheld games for kids.

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Dora the Explorer Wildlife Rescue
Company: Leapfrog
Price: 25.00