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Batman Justice Unbalanced

Batman Justice Unbalanced



Mysterious ticking, bejeweled eggs have been delivered to three of Gotham’s leading citizens. Youngsters join the Dynamic Duo in securing the ticking eggs, disarming them, and discovering and decoding the messages they contain.
Kids cruise Gotham city in the Batmobile to collect clues, but they can’t unlock certain game areas until they have played for a while.
By using Batman’s grappling hooks and Batarangs, kids navigate their way through this exciting mystery with its five stellar multi-leveled logic activities. Spooky music and dark scenes add to the excitement.
To secure the eggs, youngsters must play logic games that overcome obstacles created by the villains. In one, kids help Batman and Robin eavesdrop on The Penguin’s henchmen to determine how to undo the alarm system within a room. In another, kids align six-sided robotic umbrellas so that they form a complete circuit of matching colors and patterns.
With the help of the Batcomputer, kids learn to crack the eggs’ secret encrypted messages, which are the key to solving this somewhat convoluted mystery.

Because the clues change each time the game in played, kids will enjoy giving it a second and third go. Plus, it is way cool to be Batman’s virtual sidekick!

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Batman Justice Unbalanced
Company: The Learning Company
Price: 25.00
Platforms: Mac