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Powerpuff Girls Learning Challenge #2: Princess Snorebucks

Powerpuff Girls Learning Challenge #2: Princess Snorebucks



In Powerpuff Girls Learning Challenge #2: Princess Snorebucks the three petite super-heroines are duped by Princess Morbucks, a jealous Powerpuff-wannabe.
Princess Morbucks sends the Powerpuff Girls an evil music box which turns their dreams into nightmares from which they can’t awake. Players rescue the Powerpuff girls from this sleeping terror by playing learning games that teach language arts, math, Spanish, and musical pattern recognition.
The software is cleverly constructed so that kids have to play the learning games numerous times in order to collect enough “wakeups” to disable the music box. The games have fun themes, such as playing a piñata game to learn Spanish words and planting a garden to learn fractions.
After the Powerpuff Girls awaken, they need to undo the damage to Townsville that occurred when Princess Morbucks tried (but failed) to be a Powerpuff Girl. Players direct the Powerpuffs as they fly through the grid-like streets, encountering monsters and menaces. Kids provide the logic to determine which Powerpuff girl has the superpower to solve a particular problem.
In this well-constructed software, youngsters not only get to interact with their favorite heroines, they also become heroines or heroes by playing multiple-leveled learning games to save the Powerpuff Girls.

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Powerpuff Girls Learning Challenge #2: Princess Snorebucks
Company: The Learning Company
Price: 20.00
Platforms: Mac