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Batman Toxic Chill

Batman Toxic Chill



This riveting animated mystery features the Dark Knight of Gotham City complete with flowing capes, bat spot lights, and demonic villains.
Gotham City is under attack by the Mr. Freeze and The Riddler, villains who are working together. Mr. Freeze is freezing everything in sight and The Riddler is messing with chemical plants in the city. But why?
As Batman and Robin rush to stop these environmental disasters and solve this mystery, they encounter five challenges that require the players’ logical reasoning. For instance, to stop The Riddler from causing chemical tanks to overflow, players need to reprogram the flow of the chemicals into storage tanks using a series of switches and valves. To help Batman unfreeze buildings, players need to discover patterns in the ice that can permit Firebats to travel up the buildings.
By playing the activities, kids uncover coded riddles left by The Riddler. When these are deciphered, players can solve the mystery of the Toxic Chill.
This is a well-crafted children’s software title. The activities, which can be played on three levels of difficulty, are intellectually challenging and are seamlessly integrated into a compelling storyline. The adventure, when played again, offers new riddles. With dark settings and characters drawn to match the artwork of the comic strip, kids feel as if they are in Gotham City trying to save the world. And they do it if they use their brains!

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Batman Toxic Chill
Company: The Learning Company
Price: 24.99
Platforms: Mac