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Blue’s Clues: Blue Takes You to School

Blue’s Clues: Blue Takes You to School



Preschoolers are welcomed to “Circle Time” by Ms. Marigold, Blue’s teacher. After being introduced to the five stations available to explore, kids set out to investigate.
If they head outside to the water table, they will direct wind-up boats to specific locations by placing special floating blocks in strategic places.
There are also stations where preschoolers can care for the class rabbit, make music with Blue and her friends, or create an original work of art. With the latter, players can decide to “give” their artwork to another character in the program—a very clever way to encourage sharing.
While all five activities are fun, the Garden station stands out. After hearing verbal clues from Miss Marigold, preschoolers hunt for certain animals, plants, and rocks by scrolling through the lush garden with their cursor.
This software is a good introduction to activities children discover in preschool. As in her television show, Blue and her friends create a cozy world of learning and fun. While there are only five activities, they come in three levels of difficulty so children can grow with the activities. A special “Parents Area” has some wonderful ideas of how to extend the computer activities beyond the computer.

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Blue’s Clues: Blue Takes You to School
Company: Atari
Price: 20.00
Platforms: N/A