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Math Missions Grades K-2

Math Missions Grades K-2



In Math Missions Grades K-2, kids become heroes by using math to save a city from financial ruin.
Spectacle City is struggling because its store clerks are mathematically-challenged. Its special game arcade has had to close.
There are 12 different math activities found within the city, covering counting, adding and subtracting, identifying numbers and numerals, money, time, geometric shapes, weighing and measuring objects, recognizing and comparing sets, sorting and classifying objects, and place value. For example, at the toy store, players help the clerk fill orders by separating toy bundles into place value bins that are marked as “ones,” “tens,” and “hundreds.”

Kids will need to help all the clerks in the town before they can open the game arcade. By helping the clerks, youngsters earn money to pay for the arcade games. These arcade games are a great motivation to do the math exercises, and two of the three arcade games involve logical thinking skills.
Kids will learn a lot of math by playing this software. Many of the problems provide math manipulatives, so children can experiment with on-screen objects to learn math concepts. If a problem stumps a child, a character arrives to help. The activities can be played on three levels of difficulty.
While the title suggests that this software is appropriate for kindergarteners, it is not. Many of the math activities assume mastery of math skills that kindergarteners are just beginning to learn.

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Math Missions Grades K-2
Company: Scholastic
Price: 20.00
Platforms: Mac