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Rescue Heroes Mission Select

Rescue Heroes Mission Select



Rescue Heroes Mission Select is different from most children’s software because it is all about helping people in crisis. It presents natural disasters in a matter-of-fact manner, and teaches children how to take charge in an emergency. By presenting the disasters in a non-threatening manner (you do not see any injuries and no one dies), children feel comfortable stepping into a leadership role. They must use logical thinking to prioritize how to help all the people in need.
Boys will be drawn to this software because it allows them to team up with the famous Fisher-Price Rescue Heroes including Billy Blazes, Gil Gripper, and Jake Justice. They also will love that they can control eight powerful rescue vehicles—kids will zoom in on a hydrofoil boat to pick up people stranded on floating debris, or they may have to spray out fires using the hose on a firetruck.
This software makes rescuing people easy; and, in the process, children learn practical things such as staying away from live wires.
Kids will work through six different rescue missions; but once they are finished, the missions remain the same.

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Rescue Heroes Mission Select
Company: Vivendi Universal Games
Price: 20.00
Platforms: Mac