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The Wiggles: Wiggle Bay

The Wiggles: Wiggle Bay



The Wiggles: Wiggle Bay features performances from the stars of the show: the singers Jeff, Murray, Greg, and Anthony and their friends Dorothy the Dinosaur, Wags the Dog, Henry the Octopus, and Captain Feathersword. As a software activity center, Wiggle Bay allows fans to interact with the characters from the television show and hear some of the music that has made them popular.
However, compared with other children’s software, Wiggle Bay is uninspired. Software for children should present interactive opportunities that take advantage of the computer. This program does not. It simply offers youngsters opportunities to do things they can easily do away from the computer, such as playing tic-tac-toe, solving mazes, or piecing together jigsaw puzzles. These activities work—they just aren’t special.
The one innovative activity, a flower planting game, is too difficult for the intended audience. Young children can’t water the plants fast enough to keep them healthy, and thus the flowers wilt, decrease in height, and then disappear—not a fulfilling experience.
The Wiggles as a children’s performance group are special because they have found a way to connect with youngsters through music. This software isn’t bad; it just lacks the innovation one has come to expect from these creative Aussies.

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The Wiggles: Wiggle Bay
Company: Disney Interactive
Price: 20.00
Platforms: Mac