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Bob the Builder: Bob Builds a Park

Bob the Builder: Bob Builds a Park



Bob the Builder: Bob Builds a Park provides kids with an opportunity to help Bob design a park by populating it with a fountain, a bandstand, trees and other accoutrements typically found in parks. Youngsters can also help Bob fix a skateboard track and then direct Bob’s pal Spud to do cool tricks on his skateboard.
The park offers children a chance to play miniature golf, herd animals to their appropriate homes, assemble dinosaur bones into skeletons, build a path for squirrels, and fashion a fireworks show.
The most creative activity is one in which children compose music by using the sounds produced by the animated trucks. The sounds are stored in “noisy bricks” which kids place on a wall. The higher up the wall they place a brick, the higher the sound the machine will make. Who would have guessed that trucks can be so symphonic!
Bob the Builder: Bob Builds a Park is a pleasing mix of directed and open-ended activities. The software uses the voices from the popular television show. When appropriate, the activities come in three levels of difficulty.

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Bob the Builder: Bob Builds a Park
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