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Learn to Play Chess with Fritz & Chesster

Learn to Play Chess with Fritz & Chesster



The Bottom Line
A fun and interactive way to teach children the fundamentals of how to play chess.
This Chess adventure takes place in the royal world of King White. When King White and his Queen go on vacation, leaving their young son Fritz in charge, the dastardly King Black challenges Prince Fritz to a duel of Chess.
Not knowing how to play Chess, Fritz is lucky to find six fun arcade games that teach him (and the player) how to move the different chess pieces.
Fritz also stops by the Intelligym for chess training with Chesster—a rat! As players train with Chesster, they progress from being a lightweight to a heavyweight. The software culminates in a chess match between Prince Fritz and King Black.
This software has an amazing amount of depth, which is presented in a progressive manner. What makes it so unusual is its unique games to help kids train. For example, to learn how the King moves, kids become Sumo wrestlers striving to knock their opponents out of a circle. They learn the Bishops’ moves by smashing toilets!
Powered by the world-famous Fritz engine, the software gives children many opportunities to play chess against the computer—and they can even ask for help as they play. This is children’s software at its best—fun, creative, and instructive!

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Learn to Play Chess with Fritz & Chesster
Company: Viva Media
Price: 30.00
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