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Piglet’s Big Game

Piglet’s Big Game



Piglet’s Big Game is an adventure game that blends logic puzzles, mind-teasers, and activities into a story about finding ingredients for Rabbit’s “Very Large Soup.”
Players direct Piglet through the Hundred-Acre Wood as he hunts for six missing ingredients and help him solve problems he encounters. For example, to get honey for the soup, players need to find something to place across a Woozle Trap so Pooh can get home to give the player a honey pot. To borrow pepper from Owl, players will need to sort Owl’s spices in alphabetical order.
Disney produced Piglet’s Big Game in collaboration with Hulabee, a software company created by the founders of Humongous Entertainment. Gameplay in this title resembles the type found in the old “Putt-Putt” and the “Freddi Fish” games, where players explore, learning things and finding items that will help them solve later logic puzzles.
While not as complex or as in-depth as those older Humongous titles, this software is a delight to explore. Each scene has fun areas to click on to produce animation. The logic activities are age-appropriate and engaging. And when you play a second time, some of the elements change; so there is a sense that things remain fresh.

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Piglet’s Big Game
Company: Disney Interactive
Price: 20.00
Platforms: Mac