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Blue’s Clues Kindergarten

Blue’s Clues Kindergarten



Blue’s friend Periwinkle (a cat) is nervous about starting kindergarten. Blue decides to help ease Periwinkle’s fear by setting up pretend kindergarten activities.
Players join Periwinkle in playing five educational games that teach youngsters about rhyming words, creating a book, counting, space science facts, and how to tell time. These activities each have three levels of difficulty.
Blue has a knack for creating unique and meaningful ways to teach Periwinkle and the players. For example, to teach time, Blue solicits the help of Tickety Tock, a talking clock. Tickety shows how she uses her hands to tell time and then encourages children to learn by moving her hands. In the beginning, she makes it easy by replacing her numbers with pictures of events—so instead of moving a hand to the “5,” kids can move her hand to the picture of food. The other activities are equally inventive—kids will match refrigerator magnets and converse with talking planets.
This software deviates from the format of the Blue’s Clues TV show because Blue doesn’t present a mystery by leaving clues. But the activities incorporate the characters and tone of the show and are fun to play. Unfortunately, there are only five.

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Blue’s Clues Kindergarten
Company: Infogrames
Price: 20.00
Platforms: Mac