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Josh's World
Joshua appears throughout the software in movie-like videos. He explains and encourages kids to explore the games sprinkled throughout the software. Most of the games are variations of classic arcades like “Pong” or scrolling games where you dodge or grab items. Kids will also find an open-ended art area, and two games of memory. One of these memory games challenges children to listen to musical instruments and then to repeat the order in which they were played.
The games can be played on an “Easy” or “Hard” level. For all games except the art activities, children are playing to achieve a high score. There is also a way to play with a friend.
We ran into some minor glitches while playing on a computer running Windows XP with an flat screen, but the company is working to remedy these bugs. The overall quality of this software is amateurish. However, the games are fun, and Joshua is a great role model.

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Josh's World
Company: Microcomputer Resources, Inc
Price: 25.00
Platforms: N/A