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Flash Action Software: Colors, Shapes & More

Flash Action Software: Colors, Shapes & More



This software teaches preschool readiness skills through a series of challenges presented on a crisp, clean slate with bright bold graphics. Youngsters select from four buttons that represent four areas of learning: numbers, shapes, colors, and words. If “numbers” is selected, the slate might ask the player to “Count to three as you click three blue bugs.” Correct answers are rewarded with bead counters which provide play opportunities in the corresponding Activity Centers.
The learning activities are very well planned to teach new concepts. When a child scrolls over an object or number, it reveals information about itself. If the child does not know the answer to a question, the software teaches the concept by showing the correct answer and delivering a supportive comment.
Not only are the learning activities excellent, but the corresponding Activity Centers are unique and fresh. For example, in the Colors Activity Center, kids experiment with virtual colored sand that pours down from the top of the screen to make landscapes below.
This software is different from most preschool software in that its learning is not cloaked in adventure. For only $14.95, you’re getting a bargain brimming with first-class learning activities presented with adorable animation and music.

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Flash Action Software: Colors, Shapes & More
Company: School Zone Interactive
Price: 14.95
Platforms: Mac