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Caillou Four Seasons of Fun

Caillou Four Seasons of Fun



Before youngsters can go out and play with Caillou, they must help him dress in appropriate clothing for a particular season. Once outside in a that season, kids will find four learning games to play and numerous objects to search for. Three of the games are the same for all of the seasons, but their content reflects the seasonal changes. For example, youngsters must hunt for objects that aren’t found in winter if they’re playing the “what doesn’t belong in the picture” game during the winter season.
Each season also has a unique game. For example, kids build snowmen to match the ones that Caillou’s father has made during winter. In fall, they learn the letters of the alphabet by raking piles of leaves with letters on them.
The games are diverse and fun with three levels of difficulty. Kids will learn about numbers, letters, visual discrimination, rhyming, sequencing, and the seasons of the year. The program encourages children to play by rewarding them with objects to place in an online nature book.
This is a preschool title worth exploring, especially with kids who are fans of the “Caillou” television show.

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Caillou Four Seasons of Fun
Company: Brighter Child/The Learning Company
Price: 20.00
Platforms: Mac