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Dragon Tales: Dragon Frog Jamboree

Dragon Tales: Dragon Frog Jamboree



7 fun learning games filled with dragon fun for preschoolers.
The Bottom Line
This fun TV-show-based preschool title nurtures exploration.

Software Game Based on TV Show

?Dragon Tales: Dragon Frog Jamboree,? produced in conjunction with the popular preschool television show ?Dragon Tales,? is the second software title that allows kids to frolic with the show?s magical beasts.

How to Play

Children join Emma and Max in Dragon Land on the day of the Dragon Frog Jamboree?a concert by the magical Dragon Frogs. As the kids meet up with their Dragon friends, Quetzal, Cassie, Ord, and the two-headed dragon named Zak and Wheezie; they discover that the frogs have forgotten about the concert and need to be reminded to practice.
Players head off with their dragon friends to find the missing frogs. They are given a special "listening flower" to help locate the hidden frogs. As players explore 15 different scenes in Dragon Land, they look for camouflaged frogs, use the flower to listen for them, and play 7 different learning games. Kids learn colors by chasing butterfly-type animals, finish patterns by planting flowers, and learn practice skills by matching the musical croaks of Dragon Frogs.

Game Analysis

This preschool title nurtures exploration, offers three levels of challenge, and presents learning games that are fun to play.
For families looking for more interactive fun with the Dragon Tales bunch, head to www.pbs.org/dragontales.

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Dragon Tales: Dragon Frog Jamboree
Company: Encore
Price: 20.00
Platforms: Win
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