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Jumpstart Advanced: Kindergarten

Jumpstart Advanced: Kindergarten



There have been many past versions of “JumpStart Kindergarten”, but, you can distinguish this new version because of the “Advanced” in the title. Players quickly discover that it is “Race Day” in JumpStart Ville. This special day allows kindergartners to play games with the JumpStart animated animals (now called the JumpStart All Stars) to earn carrots. Carrots can be used rev up a player’s race car and open tracks on which to race.
While this software presents less of a story line than the one found in Reader Rabbit Kindergarten, its games are fun and different. Kids learn to identify letters and their sounds by matching tires and discover nature by using a magnifying glass in the garden.
When kindergartners struggle in one of the JumpStart games, a unique tutor mode appears, offering seven different ways to explain the learning concept. Each JumpStart All Stars represents a different learning style.
Some of the activities, such as those teaching music, are particularly difficult for kindergartners. Likewise, the instructions on some of the games take a while to figure out.

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Jumpstart Advanced: Kindergarten
Company: Knowledge Adventure
Price: 30.00
Platforms: Mac