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JumpStart Advanced 1st Grade

JumpStart Advanced 1st Grade



New to the JumpStart series, this title serves up nine learning activities in a beat-the-bad-guy-in-a-scooter-race theme. Kids play the academic games to earn “power-ups” that can be used to improve their scooters’ performance and to create racetracks on which to practice.
The activities, which auto-adjust or can be played on three difficulty levels, combine arcade games with learning. Kids will navigate icy mazes to pick up sequential items, including cardinal numerals or pictures which tell a story. They will make pizzas to learn about fractions.
This software introduces the JumpStart All Stars, seven characters that teach concepts in ways that represent seven learning styles. They show up whenever a child is struggling.
While the JumpStart learning activities cover typical first grade curriculum, this software is too busy for the intended audience. There are a lot of instructions and the activities involve multiple steps so kids don’t always know what to do and why.

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JumpStart Advanced 1st Grade
Company: Knowledge Adventure
Price: 30.00
Platforms: Mac