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Curious George Downtown Adventure

Curious George Downtown Adventure



By playing this software, children get to go on an adventure with the world’s most loved monkey: Curious George. As in all of his books, George’s friend, the Man with the Yellow Hat, has left George alone—this time in the downtown area of a city. As always, the Man cautions George not to be “too curious.” However, George can’t resist trying to get closer to a crowd watching a crane lift a giant gold ball. In the process, George unintentionally dislodges a fan, a window washer, a cat, an apple cart, and even the giant gold ball. George solicits the players’ help to set things right in the downtown area.
To do so, players help George solve a series of 60 puzzles that involve placing special items on the screen so that George is able to transport himself to difficult places to accomplish specific tasks. The player is provided with a set of 21“curiosity tools,” which include trampolines, ladders, helium balloons, and swinging ropes. For example, in one of the puzzles, players need to place two trampolines, a conveyor belt, and a ladder so that George can climb the ladder to reach the roof of a car, walk across the car to jump from one trampoline to another and then onto an awning which dumps him on top of a conveyor belt that moves him to the misplaced fan. These puzzles are progressive with the early ones serving as tutorials.
This software is special because it encourages children to experiment and think creatively. To solve a puzzle, children place the wacky objects on the screen and then push a button to make George move. Each puzzle can be solved in a myriad of ways, although hints are provided for one specific solution. Even the hesitant problem-solver will jump in, because it is fun to see what George will do when he encounters one of the “curiosity tools.” Children who want to try contraption-building can do so in an “Open Play” area.
Beware that the box targets this software at children ages 3-6. This is fantastic software for 5 to 9-year-olds, but not preschoolers.

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Curious George Downtown Adventure
Company: Knowledge Adventure
Price: 20.00
Platforms: Mac