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Jay Jay the Jet Plane: Sky Heroes to the Rescue

Jay Jay the Jet Plane: Sky Heroes to the Rescue



Adorable Jay Jay (of PBS Kids fame) leads kids on a flight of language learning.
The Bottom Line
Charming animated planes motivate kids to learn early language arts skills.


Jay Jay the Jet Plane is a 6-year-old airplane and the star of his own PBS Kids show. In his computer debut, he and his fellow animated aircraft try to save the ailing Sparkleberry Tree.

How to Play

In order to save the tree, Jay Jay and friends must travel around the Pangabula Island to collect things that can help the tree. By playing games, the airplanes collect clean air, water, plant food, fresh soil, sunlight, and a secret ingredient to help the tree grow. The games focus on teaching youngsters about letter recognition, alphabetical order, spelling, colors, shapes, following directions, and music. Kids catch the plant food particles by collecting specimens starting with the requested letter, direct a helicopter through smoggy mazes to find clean air, and mix soil by selecting from colored silos.

7 Games to Explore

There are seven games in all, and each has three levels of difficulty. Not only will kids learn early reading skills, but the Sparkleberry Tree teaches kids about nature as well.

Game Analysis

This program is cute, but it doesn’t provide help when a child is struggling—a feature found in top-notch software. Nevertheless, Jay Jay provides a supportive environment in which to learn.

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Jay Jay the Jet Plane: Sky Heroes to the Rescue
Released: 7/2/2002
Company: Brighter Minds
Price: 20.00
Platforms: Mac
Available: Amazon

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