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StarFlyers Royal Jewel Rescue

StarFlyers Royal Jewel Rescue



As with Alien Space Chase, this software adventure takes place in Katherine?s imagination. This time she is dealing with dropping her mother?s jewelry. In her imaginary world, the evil Vexar has hidden Princess Popcorn?s jewels throughout the galaxy, and Katie Cadet must find the missing jewels in time for the Princess? coronation.
To find the missing jewels, players adventure with Katie and the StarFlyers gang to out-of-this-world places such as Planet Chocolopagus, Planet Bowlarama, and Planet Aqua Cube. On each, players help Katie overcome obstacles, play arcade-style learning games, and rescue the jewels. Like Alien Space Chase, there are eight clever activities. To finish this adventure, kids need to use logical thinking skills including problem solving, hypothesis testing, spatial reasoning, sequencing, and estimation.

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StarFlyers Royal Jewel Rescue
Company: The Learning Company
Price: 20.00
Platforms: Mac