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StarFlyers Alien Space Chase

StarFlyers Alien Space Chase



In this first adventure, Katherine turns a real-world incident involving lost pets into a fantastic outer-space rescue. The lost pets become kidnapped ambassadors and Victor Wexler, the class bully who is responsible for the pets? disappearance, morphs into the villainous Vexar. It?s up to Katherine as her alter ego, Katie Cadet, to rescue the ambassadors. Katie is joined on the rescue mission by her ?StarFlyer? friends: A.J. (a boy with super powers), Io (a fire-breathing dog), and Klanker (a robot).
Being a crack pilot, Katie has her own spaceship which she pilots to various planets to look for the missing ambassadors. At Funopolis, Katie is able to rescue Colonial Cracker after navigating through a series of ?handevators??giant hands that move. Each hand rests on a slinky-type arm that expands in a certain pattern. To win, players must click on the hands at just the right time so that they will intersect, thus transporting Katie and her friends across an abyss. On this planet, Katie also finds the missing Captain Furwad, who is stuck to a slide by static electricity.
At Planet Pipeworks, Katie and company rescue Commander Ann Chovy after solving a series of puzzles in which the player combines pipe pieces so water can flow through them. At the Cafeterium Planet, Katie navigates several complicated mazes in order to rescue Madame Slither from the secret hideout of the evil Vexar.
The adventure offers three levels of difficulty and eight activities in all. Kid-testers were taken with an art activity in which they were asked to draw aliens, and thereafter, their drawings cleverly appeared throughout the adventure.

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StarFlyers Alien Space Chase
Company: The Learning Company
Price: 20.00
Platforms: Mac