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I Can Be a Dinosaur Finder

I Can Be a Dinosaur Finder



I Can Be a Dinosaur Finder is a 1997 software title that is now bundled with two other titles into a jewel case package entitled A World of Dinosaurs. I Can Be a Dinosaur Finder is also part of the 5-title bundle named A World of Dinosaurs Deluxe Boxed Set, a large-boxed bundle that is now discontinued but may still be available in the retail marketing chains. The three-title bundle of A World of Dinosaurs will cost $10 whereas the five-title version may be as much as $30.
I Can Be a Dinosaur Finder combines the fun of going on a fossil-dig with nine other dinosaur-themed activities. Kids join the animated characters of Eddie the Kangaroo, Rufus the Dog, and Katie the Chameleon, as they help Dr. Rock Hound find missing triceratops fossils. Children click on an area of the world where they think the fossils will be found and then dig for fossils, using a virtual sledgehammer, a pick axe, and a brush.
The nine activities all involve dinosaurs and include a variation of Concentration, an art activity, a music game, hidden pictures, a sort by herbivore or carnivore game, a grid game, and other puzzles.
This title, as well as the other software bundled with it, provides many fun ways for children to play interactive games involving dinosaur facts.

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I Can Be a Dinosaur Finder
Company: Topics Entertainment
Price: 10.00
Platforms: N/A