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Mystery Museum

Mystery Museum



This software cleverly engages children in a whodunit mystery while introducing them to the portrait collection at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
Every night after the virtual museum closes, the portraits come alive. However, one portrait has decided to wreak havoc by messing with the other portraits.
To find the culprit, players search the virtual museum for paintings that don’t look correct. A painting may be jumbled or sporting a confused aura shown by thought bubbles floating above the portrait. To fix a painting, kids play games with the artwork. The games take many formats, including jigsaw puzzles and scrambled pictures. Once players restore the doctored painting, they are rewarded with a clue about the culprit. Collect enough clues, and you will be able to spot the culprit.
This software mystery is a fun way to learn about the museum’s collection, famous painters, and different painting styles. Because children become involved in solving the mystery, the learning flows easily. There are 30 different paintings to explore.

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Mystery Museum
Company: Night Kitchen Media
Price: 40.00
Platforms: Mac