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Playhouse Disney Stanley Tiger Tales

Playhouse Disney Stanley Tiger Tales



Playhouse Disney, a daily set of television shows for young children, features a program about a little boy named Stanley and his trusted friend, Dennis, a talking goldfish. In this computer adventure, Stanley’s family is going to the beach. To get ready, Stanley needs to find four beach items, his favorite tiger swim tube, and five stickers.
To search for these things, Stanley doesn’t just look—he uses his imagination to create fun games in which he becomes various animals. When he wants to find a missing water bottle that is in the back of his dark closet, Stanley pretends he is a mouse and has the player guide him through the maze that is his closet. To take his sunglasses off of a stuffed animal, Stanley envisions that he is a tiger sneaking up on an antelope.
Some of the nine embedded mini-games require children to know specific animal facts. That is no problem, because Stanley always travels with his “The Great Big Book of Everything” which displays pictures, reads facts aloud, and offers printable activities about animals.
This software shows children how exciting their imaginations can be. Each learning activity becomes a fantasy game involving animals. Throughout the software there are clever and interesting clickables and facts. Stanley Tiger Tales stands out in the plethora of early learning titles with its unique, creative teaching approach.

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Playhouse Disney Stanley Tiger Tales
Company: Disney Interactive
Price: 20.00
Platforms: Mac