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Where's the Blanket Charlie Brown?

Where's the Blanket Charlie Brown?



A fun Charlie Brown adventure on the PC.
The Bottom Line
Kids solve a mystery while playing 9 fun educational games with Charlie Brown and his friends!

Learn About the Peanuts Gang

With crisp graphics, software publisher Viva Media introduces a new generation of children to the subtle humor of the Peanuts cartoon strip. Kids choose to play as Charlie Brown or as Lucy in this adventure game.

A Mystery Involving Linus' Blanket

Linus, the character who always carries his blanket, asks Charlie Brown to keep his precious blanket for him while his grandmother visits. While in Charlie Brown’s care, the blanket mysteriously disappears.

Nine Mini-Games

Players search through the Peanuts' world for the blanket and, in the process, meet all of the Peanuts' gang and play nine different games. In one, Snoopy becomes the Great Houndini and magically disarranges Peppermint Patty's body parts. Players switch secret compartments to make her whole again. With Schroeder, kids listen to match floating musical melodies to the ones Schroeder plays on his piano.

Game Analysis

This adventure is charming and entertaining to play. Charlie Brown is steady in spite of setbacks ("Good Grief Charlie Brown!") and Lucy is still a fussbudget. Snoopy adds comic relief with his funny antics.
The adventure is relatively easy to play. While players must find lots of items, the cursor helps focus the search by changing into a fist when something can be moved, opened, or taken.

The software provides good longevity because the adventure has two separate game paths depending on whether the player is Charlie Brown or Lucy. Likewise the nine embedded games don't get old, because they can be played on two levels of difficulty.

By adventuring with the lovable Peanuts gang, kids can play educational games and learn logical reasoning.

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Where's the Blanket Charlie Brown?
Company: Viva Media
Price: 20.00
Platforms: Mac
Available: Amazon

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